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Glass Racks

Glass Racks

We are an official distributor for SUPERTRUCKS glass rack systems, fitting and maintenance.

Vans up to 7.5 tonnes can be fitted with External and Internal glass carrying systems.

External racks are constructed from patented mill finish aluminium extrusions and rubber profiles.

Supplied complete with System 1 Securing Poles, Front and Rear Safety Markers and Wheel Access Panel as standard.

Optional Extras

  • System 2 Securing Poles
  • Multistraps for securing windows/doors
  • Telescopic Rack(s)
  • Roof Rack
  • Roof rack Safety Walkway
  • Rear Door Ladder
  • Folding Ledge
  • Facia Panel for company logo
  • Cutting Table
  • Grey rubber profiles
  • Detachable Brackets
  • Gutter Clamp fixing (no drilling to side of van)
  • Storpedo tube storage for roof rack
  • Ladder Locks

Optional Finishes

  • Anodised
  • Powder Coated


Internal racks are constructed from welded lightweight aluminium with felted timber battens.

Standard interiors come complete with 6 tie on securing poles, part bulkhead, plywood floor overlay and shelves behind racks.

Optional Extras

  • Full height Bulkhead (with or without window)
  • Carpet overlay to floor
  • Multistraps for securing windows
  • Module Storage Systems

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